WACL - Tips on Beginning Your NED Career

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


Founded in 1923, WACL is an industry organisation that brings together the most senior female leaders in marketing and communications. Our members are drawn from brands, media owners, advertising and media agencies, and other industry businesses, and our purpose is to accelerate gender equality in communications and marketing. To deliver this we focus on three things:

· Inspiration

· Support

· Campaigning

We provide inspiration and support to women at all stages of their career (including, of course, our 250+ members) from aspiring female talent who attend Gather, our annual training conference, our quarterly mentoring and discussion sessions, the training bursaries we support via our Future Leaders Award, as well as to those looking to develop a plural career through our Non-Executive Director (NED) group.

After each session we share a short summary of the useful key insights covered. For the Transition platform we have selected four which focus on how to become a NED/Trustee, should that be something you are exploring.We have plenty of other NED content so if you are interested in more, please contact pippaglu@hotmail.co.uk

https://wacl.info/event/wacl-ned-talk-5/ https://wacl.info/event/wacl-ned-talk-4/

https://wacl.info/event/wacl-ned-talk-27-september-2017applying-marketing-dna-in-the-boardroom/ https://wacl.info/event/wacl-ned-talk-15-june-2017what-does-a-good-chairman-look-like/

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