Fly Don't Walk: MASTER Your Confidence – A Goal Setting Tool

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


Everyone has something they would like more confidence in. Confidence is key to professional growth and success. Confidence is like a muscle, and we can build it, by having clarity on what we want to achieve and making progress step by step. This model makes it easy and clear to set a goal and take action.

The MASTER goal setting tool is a roadmap to help increase your confidence in any areas you choose. The guidelines are below, theses have to be viewed with the model. To download the complete model visit: https://www.flydontwalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/FDW-MASTER-confidence-a-goal-setting-tool.pdf

Start by setting an end goal - something you would like to achieve that you may not have felt confident about, but would have a big impact for you, now or long term. Then use the model and the guidelines below to work out your route.

Mindset and Motivation

· What mind-set will support you?

· What is your motivation to keep going?

· Why is the goal important to you, what will you gain?

· Remember to celebrate your successes, your strengths and your skills!

Take Action

· Action takes courage as you move out of your comfort zone

· Know that you are likely to feel discomfort, it’s normal. It will get easier!

· Use your learning from the actions, to adapt the goals as you progress

Strengths and Skills

· What existing attributes, skills or strengths help you?

· What additional skills may you need?

· What resources or support may help you?


Tackle resistance

· What obstacles may occur and how will you tackle them? (internal and external)

· Regarding yourself with curiosity and compassion, how will you disempower your inner critic?

Energising End Goal

· Be clear - Make the goal Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed

· Make it energising, what could the specific benefits or consequences be?

· How does it contribute to the bigger or long-term picture?

· Break your goal into small manageable steps, set mini energising goals


· If you feel you have tried and ‘failed’ can you identify what worked and what didn't work?

· What can you celebrate and what have you learnt from that?

· What will you do differently next time?

· Would it be helpful to reframe your thinking about the goal?

Lastly: Visualise your success Imagine you have the best outcome you could possibly have hoped for:

· How will you know it has been successful? What is happening, who is there, what are you seeing, hearing, doing? Allow yourself to enjoy how good it feels.

If you would like more tools or would like to know how I help agency leaders build their confidence, presence and leadership capabilities please contact Sharon Baker, Sharon@flydontwalk.com, 07956975301, www.flydontwalk.com

Download the tool here

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