Kindness - A Free Event Hosted by Magnus Wood and MAAG, Today, June 8th at 3pm

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We Believe in Being Kind – Because It's the Right Thing to Do, and Because Everybody Wins

When 5 people ask you about something within the space of a few weeks, it’s time to take notice. In talking with HR leaders about creating positive cultures, I was asked by five people about how to create more kindness at work, and is there a business case which could help unlock investment in encouraging kindness? Yes, there is a strong business case for kindness and, like decency at work, it’s also the right thing to do. One study found that people who were treated kindly at work, in comparison with a control group (Unlucky them!), paid this kindness forward by being 278% more generous with co-workers. Kindness works. In this last webinar on creating positive cultures at work we’ll explore how kindness at work can be like a movement; spreading through belief and lots of small actions. And we’ll share simple things we can all do today to create a kinder workplace.