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Join Us: Mindset Moments with The Female Quotient

We may be apart, but we can still be mindful together. We are fostering the sense of community through our Mindset Moment Series. Please join us for these 15-minute virtual sessions, featuring health and wellness experts. They continue on Monday at 3PM EST.


Mindset Moment Series  Desire Drop-In: Monday, June 8 | 3PM EDT  Use the wisdom of your body and power of your intuition to get clear on what you want and make more empowered decisions with Stephanie Redlener, Feminine Leadership Coach and Founder of Lioness Sound Bath: Tuesday, June 9 I 3PM EDT Tune into the ancient vibrational healing technique of sound medicine for a virtual soul-nourishing sound journey with healer and creative artist Allison Bagg.

Stretch with Gess, Chair Yoga: Wednesday, June 10 I 3PM EDT We will explore movement and stretches from the comfort of your own desk chair. This class is designed to trigger a healthier posture and let go of any stress you feel associated with sitting for long periods of time with Angessa Lynn. Power Within: Thursday, June 11 | 3PM EDT  How to curate the best and bravest version of you through personal style with Maegan Watson, Founder, Watson Style Group Stay tuned for more sessions the following week! xo, The Female Quotient

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