How to Create a LinkedIn Profile that Gets You Noticed

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This guide has been designed to help you maximize the impact of your LinkedIn profile. The general idea is to make your profile find-able and to provide enough (accurate) information for a hiring manager to be able confidently to shortlist your profile and contact you - or respond to any speculative contact you might make.

  • For many hiring managers, LinkedIn is a primary search and selection tool: they use it to share job openings, to manage applications, and to search for and filter candidate profiles.

  • Even if they’ve already received your CV, many will also look you up on LinkedIn. While your CV needs to be concise and clear, your LinkedIn profile offers you the opportunity to expand more, including references and links to work where relevant.

  • Importantly, many organizations (particularly large global corporations) are increasingly using AI and technology in the early stages of recruitment, so it’s important to be mindful of your choice of language order to be effective for search algorithms.


Include an introduction at the top