• Grace Blue

How to Best Prepare for Video Conference Calls and Interviews

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

1. Think about the background for your screen call (neutral wall with a picture). But do not worry about it being perfect – this is your home.

2. Make sure the room is well lit, as is your face so the interviewer can see your facial expressions – this makes it easier for both parties to engage with each other

3. Think about what you are wearing – look professional and alert

4. Check the camera angle and that it is not pointing at your nostril or only half your face

5. Test the sound, headphones/ speakers ahead of the call

6. You may want to do a trial run

7. Ensure you have good battery charge and the internet signal is as strong as possible

8. Be alone in the room – do not have other people wandering through the screen

9. Turn your phone off and put it away. Mute any other potential noises – this is like any other meeting.

10. Do not let yourself be distracted by, or judge, your interviewer’s surroundings - make sure the quality of the conversation comes first

11. Allow time at the beginning to build rapport, the way you might in the room

12. Keep eye contact and do not get distracted and start looking round the room. It is important that you actively listen, especially when there is far less body language to read

13. Smile and look engaged and interested

14. Allow the question to finish before you start your answer. There may be a delay on the call, so have a short pause before you start answering to ensure you do not interrupt. Be prepared for interruptions from their end too.

15. Be concise and clear in your answers. Avoid rambling and trying to fill the silence. Once you have made your point stop talking or say, ‘I hope that answers your question’ to communicate that you have finished speaking.

16. Be well prepared and have done research on the company just as you would in a face to face interview. Make notes on what you want to get across but do not keep looking down at a piece of paper. Keep eye contact.

17. As in any interview have some questions to ask them about the company and the role

18. Be yourself and enjoy the conversation

19. It may not be perfect so try not to let this put you off - the signal could be patchy, the image fuzzy, children may walk in, or there may be a delay

20. Say thank you at the end.

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