Calling all Freelancers: Access WARC's COVID-19 Coverage for Free

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It’s tough out there for strategists – particularly for the freelance strategy community.

So to do our bit to help, WARC is opening up its COVID-19 coverage free of charge to freelance strategists. We want to help freelancers keep up with the latest thinking on the crisis, and give them extra firepower when working on client briefs.

If you’re a freelancer (or you’ve found yourself between roles), you can sign up here.

Here’s the details:

  • You get free access to WARC’s COVID-19 content – including the WARC Guide to Marketing in the COVID-19 Recession and more than 100 pieces by a host of industry experts and our own global content team.

  • This doesn’t include content in our separate WARC Data platform relating to COVID-19.

  • Access lasts until the end of July.

  • You need to be a sole trader, between roles or able to show that you work on a freelance basis. If you’re not sure – just drop us a line.

  • We of course reserve the right to question if we suspect someone is bending the rules. But we hope that this offer is taken in the spirit intended: to give that extra support to the freelance community and to help those who have found themselves in between jobs during this challenging time for our industry.

Sign up below:


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