Brands Go DIY

This content was originally published by one of our partners, The Marketing Society

With most of the world locked inside the confines of their homes, restaurants and F&B brands are having a trickier time than most. Harry Eckersley of CSM Sport and Entertainment explores how brands are getting creative in reaching their consumer base right now.

That’s not through lack of demand. The desire to be reunited with one another is strong, with most of us in isolation craving the day where we are able to walk through the doors of our favourite eatery once again. But the harsh reality is that we could be a long way from that moment. So, in the meantime, how can we overcome those physical barriers that have emerged in the wake of Covid-19?

Well, a few savvy brands seem to have found the answer: handing the reins over to us with the provision of DIY meal kits, packed full of their ingredients and products.